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Warranty - What if I receive the cartridges and they do not work properly?


We have a No Hassle Return Policy. If you order our cartridges and they do not work properly, we will take them back and issue a refund for the product purchased. You may review our warranty policy. 

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    robert christensen

    I do not mind reordering toner that fits the machine. My problem is that I ordered it and had it for when I ran out and didn't know that it didn't work until after the 30 day refund. I was a new printer and I live where I have to shop online and like to have my supplies available when I need them so that means that they can sit and not be used for a while. is there anyway that you can work with me on just replacing the ones that have not been opened and are the wrong size.

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    CX Specialist

    Thanks for your request.

    Remember that our products come with full warranty. If you can send us some detailed pictures of the defective toner cartridge showing the serial number we may process your replacement or refund right away. Please send this information to

    Let us know if you have any questions.

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